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Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company participates in the Ramadan Food and Pottery Exhibition

As usual, Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company participated in the Ramadan Food and Pottery Exhibition organized by the Kuwait International Exhibition Company from 11 to 24 May 2017 at the International Exhibition Grounds in Mashref in 5 and 6 rooms. In order to meet all the needs of consumers through the delivery of special marketing offers near the holy month of Ramadan.
On this occasion, Mr. Mutlaq Yousif Al-Zayed, Chief Executive Officer of Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company said, "The food and utensils exhibition is one of the most important consumer exhibitions in the State of Kuwait. The company is keen to provide the best and highlight its contributions to the world of food industries, thus strengthening its leadership with the field of food and serving the national economy.

"Our participation is part of our efforts to provide a wide range of products to meet the needs of the show's visitors," he said, adding that the company always strives to meet its commitment to consumers in line with the launch of Lasagna and Pancake products in the market. Study global trends in the food industry to keep pace with consumer tastes.

"In view of the huge public interest in visiting the company's pavilion in the past years, the company is keen to continue to provide the" kitchen "in the pavilions, where creative and varied recipes are prepared by professional Kuwaiti chefs using its products that have earned consumer confidence.

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