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The opening of AL-Yarmouk New Bakery Store.

•    AL- Yarmouk New Bakery store is designed in a modern style to allow customers to experience shopping of all Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company products.
•    For the first time, A new section for freshly baked products.

Kuwait Flour Mill and Bakeries Company celebrates the opening of Al Yarmouk Bakery Store in its new design and concept. The Store is designed in a modern way which offers the customers a different and unique shopping experience. The new bakery store contains a wide variety of products arranged creatively, and for the first time the new freshly baked product section offers a new tasting experience for customers.

The opening took place in the presence of Mr. Abdul Hamid Tawfiqi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mr. Mutlaq Youssef Al-Zayed, CEO. The CEO, Mr. "Mutlaq Al-Zayed" stated: “We care about customers' loyalty and providing them with a satisfying experience, and this gives us the opportunity to meet the increasing demand and expand our excellent services to a wider group of shoppers.” Mr. AL Zayed added that the opening of the Al Yarmouk bakery store in its new design comes as a culmination of the company’s successes and the efforts of an integrated team of loyal national cadres.

Mr. Al-Zayed added, "The bakery, in its new Design follows the latest advanced health protocols and international standards to ensure that the product reaches the consumer with the best taste and the highest quality. For the first time, there is a special section for freshly baked products. The bakery has also been provided with a specialized team carefully chosen to provide the best services to all customers."

In a reference aimed at highlighting the real concept on which Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company relied in implementing Al Yarmouk Bakery Store. The CEO, Mr. Al Zayed said “The two main elements that the store relied on are its various products, which mainly depend on freshly baked products with their different flavors like croissants, cupcakes and other bakery products and the second element is represented in adopting the simple and distinguished store style with its modern ambience and distinctive decorations and providing customers with a modern and comfortable environment during shopping.”

Mr. Al-Zayed stated that "There is a great demand for our distinctive products from all citizens and residents who are distinguished by good taste and usually prefer high-quality products due to the openness and willingness of the people of Kuwait to taste and experience everything new because of their sensitivity and high ability to taste and appreciate the products that are distinguished by their high quality, therefore the company seeks to expand its customer base to achieve maximum benefit from the local market.”

Mr. Al-Zayed concluded, "This is only the beginning of our ambitious expansion plan. We are proud of our constant expansion and our young national cadres, aiming to always be close to our customers to provide the best high-quality products, and this reflects the positive results and growth that the company has achieved over the past years and has proven its success and efficiency and stay tuned for more.”

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